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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Prehistory

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's Prehistory travels back in time to a pivotal moment in the band's evolution, filled with fresh wounds and wisdom. The EP, originally given a limited release, adds a new track to build on its own narrative of loss, divorce, and the biting cruelty of the music industry.

The bluesy, rocking "Best Bet" opens things up with a contemplative and melancholy tone. "Let the day stay undecided." Crescendoing into a cacophony of emotions, it rapidly fades into a gentle outro, mirroring quiet resignation.

Intensifying those emotions, "The Day" pits lyrics like "Nothing's going to stop us" against an unattainable love.

"Hollywood" shifts to the professional sphere, delving into the band's sacrifices for fame. Shifting between an intricate, mournful melody and aggressive assertion captures the internal conflict of maintaining authenticity in an industry demanding conformity.

In defiance, or maybe denial, "We Won't Change" underscores these sentiments with driving chords and a haunting falsetto. The recurring major second theme, the long single-note bass vamp in the bridge, and more paint a static idea twisted against their will.

Leaving those anthemic moments, "Warm Body" offers a more cynical, intimate take on the industry. "They hate the thing you want to be. And they tell you to be brave as they point their fings at your grave."

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"Held Me" brings the EP closure, or perhaps continuity, with hypnotic rhythms and simple harmonies. There's warmth in the sorrow, hope in defeat. And Prehistory is all that as their first EP released under Jenny Invert Records.

Prehistory is not a rerelease, it's a new chapter. It's the band at its best, reflecting at the crossroads that brought them to today.

Stream Prehistory below.

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