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Love In Reverse is almost not an EP. It's a part of Locomote's goal to release a song a week. It's raw and a little underproduced, but so laden with feeling and musical gems it hits as hard as a concept album.

All three refreshingly unpolished tracks are set against a backdrop of ethereal soundscapes. But the opener, "Brother", epitomizes it. With a water-like sonic texture, the track bubbles with deliberate pauses accentuating the lyrics' weight. The quiet outro, marked by a sense of resignation, leaves listeners lingering in the emotional aftermath.

"Lay Your Head Down" shifts the mood slightly. Its danceable beat blends with those ethereal tones—upbeat sound with sorrowful lyrics. And while it's still "underproduced," as Locomote described it, there are clear and purposeful production techniques at work. The words pop to the forefront at just the right moments to make each emotion-laden lyric soar in ways only a well-crafted release can do.

The EP concludes with "Over Your Shoulder," a track that starts with a muted opening and unfolds into a vibrant full timbre. The simple vocal melody allows the lyrics to pierce you.

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By removing the fancy production techniques many artists hide behind, Love In Reverse leaves listeners with a more honest and heartfelt approach to music. There's sadness baked into beautiful and sometimes upbeat harmonies, like the blend of sweetness and sorrow in real life. Each track offers a different facet of the artist's internal world. It's a taste, and a promise, of what's to come from Locomote's ambitious one-a-week track release goal.

Stream Love In Reverse below.

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