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Lando Flakes - Our Life in Hibernation

In the quiet of his Toronto bedroom, Lando Flakes poured out his soul in his sophomore EP, Our Life in Hibernation. Flakes dives deep into a failed relationship and the frustration it brings with it. Through five tracks, the raw nature of doomed love cycles.

The opening track, "Nothing To Do With You", is a minimalist prelude where gentle guitar strums support a pained ultimatum. It begins the loop, an introduction and conclusion to the EP's emotional journey.

"Taking My Life" and "Just a Feeling" vibrantly shift towards an upbeat indie-pop sound that masks the underlying tumult of the lyrics. Sonic joy butts up against lyrical despair—a true heartbreaking duality. Cheerful melodies masking struggle paint a vivid picture of smiling through pain.

Either the high point or the low point, depending on how you want to interpret it, "Pile of Words" is the EP's emotional nadir. The addictive groove mirrors the destructive allure of the failing relationship. Projecting wishful thinking and unrealistic hopes, it's as cutting as it is beautiful.

Rounding out the EP, "Hurricane Days" is a dramatically peaceful resolution. The emotional turbulence concludes with simple keys and complex vocal harmonies before giving way to birdsong. It's a moment of calm after the storm, filled with quiet resignation and acceptance.

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But Our Life in Hibernation isn't meant to be listened to just once. Noxious love is a cycle. If "Hurricane Days" can't break you out, then you start again with the feelings of "Nothing To Do With You". Your personal growth stagnates with another familiar, suffocating relationship. Each track is another step along a mobious strip—it may look a little different, but it's the same path. 

Jump off that loop and stream Our Life in Hiberation below.

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