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Jovi Skyler

Jovi Skyler gives us another kick-the-door-down punk release with the EP Call It A Day. They've infused their ferocity and raw energy with a sprinkle of alt-rock and a healthy dash of psychedelia.

The first track, "Asshole", is an immediate, unapologetic example of that wonderful mix. From the first grungy chord, the energy is relentless. The vocals slide from note to note, bending and twisting to reflect like a cracked mirror. "I'm the asshole" echoes as confession and accusation alike.

Following this explosive start is "Lil Bo Weep", a tribute to the late Adelaide songwriter. Complete with a DIY home-camera-style music video, the track combines raw emotion with a poignant narrative. The competing sounds of guitar and vocals in the mix create a rough and tumble soundscape, at times overwhelming the words with music with guttural tension.

Official music video for "Lil Bo Weep"

"Frankenstein" continues the exploration of personal turmoil and transformation. Lyrics like "you can't get back what is lost" and "stitched up and Frankenstein" paint a vivid picture of being pieced together after being torn apart, both physically and emotionally.

And with a combative conclusion, the EP concludes with "Rumble". Repeating words like "rumble" and "etcetera" adds to the track's chaotic energy, mimicking the tumult of a real altercation. The grunge distortion on the guitar and vocals coupled with the live show-like ending leaves listeners feeling as though they've just experienced a raw, unfiltered performance, rather than just listening to a record.

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Jovy Skyler has shoved the untamed spirit of punk and alt-rock into every beat of Call It A Day.

Stream Call It A Day below.

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