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Eddie Berman

Eddie Berman's latest album, Signal Fire, is a masterful tapestry weaving stories of isolation, new parenthood, and existential ponderings into a narrative that ultimately finds solace in the indestructible bond of love. Recorded live over three days, this album marks a stark contrast to the remote recording of their last effort during the pandemic. Signal Fire captures a band in perfect harmony, their instruments not just playing together, but conversing, creating a unified and magical experience on each track.

The immediacy of the three-day recording window imparts a rawness to the album, a direct line to the heart of each song, unobscured by overthinking or overproduction. This is a collection of moments, unfiltered and honest, that resonate with the authenticity of real-life struggles and joys.

"Rolling Over Me", the album's blissed-out opener, sets the tone with its lyrical waves that crash and caress in equal measure. The track's structure, with its almost false ending, leads listeners into a thoughtful pause before the chorus returns, guiding us to a tranquil outro reminiscent of a sunset over the ocean.

In "First of Spring (Kiera's Song)", Berman recounts the harrowing birth of his youngest daughter. The track, a spiritual sequel to 2019's "Pascal's Triangle" which told the tale of his oldest daughter's birth, opens with a drone and muted drum that echo her fragile heartbeat. The lyrics, heavy with fear and love, convey Berman's terror and helplessness. The refrain briefly transforms into a lighter, joyous relief as he reassures himself with the lines like, "I won't worry."

"Heartbroken" is a study in deliberate storytelling, each note and lyric carefully placed to draw out the emotional depth of Berman's tale. The mournful accordion mirrors the song's poignant narrative, embodying the ache of a heart laid bare.

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"Go From Here" finds Berman in a confessional mood, his voice carrying the weight of self-imposed isolation. The harmonies swell around him, offering unheeded guidance, amplifying the song's heart-wrenching sorrow. It's a track that speaks to the loneliness of the human condition, even amidst the potential for connection.

Signal Fire journies from the depths of personal struggles to the heights of communal joy. Eddie Berman and his band have crafted a work that speaks to the resilience of the human spirit. It's a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in our most isolated moments, the ember of connection remains, ready to ignite into a signal fire of love and togetherness.

Listen to Signal Fire below.

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