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Thursday, July 18, 2024

WUKASA dropped their latest EP, You & Me, on Feb. 16th. They've mixed an energetic blend of alt-pop with traces of dream pop, alt-rock, and more into something wonderfully fun. As they describe themselves, they "walk a sonically fine line between a chilled night in with the cat and waking up with a sore head, ringing ears and that special someone you've been unhealthily admiring on Instagram for (let's face it) way too long…" The album's got the same vibes.

The titular track "You & Me" sets the tone like a slow dance in a club. In fact, "You & Me" bookends the EP with the concluding track offering an acoustic take. There's pure love mixed into precious moments sung between the two vocalists. After all, "If we have each other, what else do we need?"

"California" transports listeners to sun-soaked shores with its infectious lo-fi dream pop vibes, while "Party People" delivers a swaggering electro-pop anthem that exudes confidence and self-assurance. Each track feels wildly different yet all quintessentially WUKASA.

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Fans eager to experience their music firsthand can catch them live at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh on Friday, March 8th. Grab their limited edition run of DIY physical cassettes, VHS tapes, and even floppy disks of their four-track offering.

Stream You & Me below:

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