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Gregory Ackerman — Brand New Life

Gregory Ackerman takes everyone on a heartfelt journey through the intricacies of love and the shimmering prospects of the future in his latest EP, Brand New Life. Drawing from the rich tapestry of indie, folk, and singer-songwriter genres, Ackerman crafts an enchanting collection of tracks that evoke that warm, tingling feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

At just 2:14, the opening track, "Brand New Life", is a succinct introduction to the EP's overarching themes. With lyrics like "I like the way you smile," this track's airy and carefree vibe sets the tone for the journey ahead.

In "Breaking My Heart", Ackerman's laid-back style and sparse harmonies amplify the emotional weight of his vocals. The desperateness in his voice reflects the heavy lyrics, while dissonant, buzzing tones in the bridge pull out the turmoil within.

Sitting in the middle of the EP, "When I Get Up" blends the mundane with the ethereal, creating a captivating sonic landscape. The long instrumental outro, punctuated by soft "do do do's," hints at Ackerman's yearning for carefree moments.

"Luckier Still" takes a rock-infused turn, offering dry, sarcastic lyrics. It's a departure from the EP's previous tracks, adding a dynamic layer to Ackerman's storytelling.

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The concluding track, "When It's Through", is Ackerman wearing his heart on his sleeve. Its introspective lyrics reflect a journey of self-discovery, with the sentiment of "Walking down empty roads just to find my way back, heart still intact" encapsulating the overarching message of hope.

In Brand New Life, Gregory Ackerman guides us through the ever-evolving journey of love and opportunities. Sometimes it's bright, sometimes it's biting, but it always comes with a promise of a brand new life tomorrow.

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