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Sam Setton - 8 Years New Tears

8 Years New Tears is catharsis. Every beat is a release of Sam Setton's pent-up emotions, channeled through intimate vocals and dramatic harmonies. The debut album explores the complexities of heartbreak and renewal, with each track adding a new layer to their experience.

Given the heavy narrative, it's unsurprising that the title track, "8 Years New Tears", kicks off introspectively. Its quiet, almost pained vocals and simple guitar sit above a reverberating beat.

A recurring theme in the album is escaping to other places. "TLV" is the first instance. The song is an ode to Tel Aviv, symbolized by the three-letter airport code TLV. "I want to cancel my flight, live here for the rest of my life." This pain and longing to hold onto moments that slip away all too quickly rests against a backdrop of upbeat, nostalgic melodies that evoke the warmth and uncertainty of adventure.

In "Obsessed!" Setton delves into the intensity of infatuation with a track that's as catchy as it is contemplative. "You'll never leave my head" resonates with anyone who's found themselves hopelessly entangled with the thoughts of another, the music mirroring the obsessive loops of a smitten mind.

"New Emotions" and "Pain Me 4ever" further explore the inner tumult and turmoil of personal growth and unrequited love. In "New Emotions", Setton confronts his reflections and desires for change with poignant honesty, the music stripping down to expose the raw emotion of his lyricism. Meanwhile, "Pain Me 4ever" offers a somber reflection on heartache. "I'm scared you're never gonna want to fall in love with me" is delivered with heartbreaking sincerity.

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The album closes with "Move To Spain," another destination-based metaphor. To Sam Setton, Spain is an escape. The song is a mix of longing and resolve, a desire to reinvent oneself away from the remnants of past pains. The destination is almost irrelevant. "If I move to Spain, I could work on my Spanish" shows he has no plan, but that's not the point. The point is a fresh start. It's a fitting end to an album that doesn't shy away from the messiness of human emotions but rather embraces it, finding beauty in the breaks.

Sam Setton set 8 Years New Tears as a deeply personal narrative. It's the intricate dance of holding on and letting go amid the love, loss, and inexorable passage of time. It's a universal tale told through a deeply personal lens with a clarity only experience can bring.

Stream 8 Years New Tears below.

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