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atelic - a matter of perspective

Atelic's latest EP, A Matter of Perspective, refracts our complex lives through a three-part prism—rational, emotional, spiritual—into a unified idea traversing thoughts, experiences, and expectations.

"Distance over Time" opens the EP, setting the stage with warm, dark synths and an elevated lo-fi vibe. But it doesn't stay lo-fi for long. As the theme develops, so does the production. The moody, dark synths transition from introspective solitude to a world filled with rich chordal colors inviting us to journey together with Atelic.

But not everything is warm and open. "Logos" brings a nervous, bouncy energy. There's movement and challenge, plus a surprise rock guitar solo asserting itself both as anomalous and as harmonious. Confrontation bleeds into triumph.

"Sensus" takes us back inside ourselves. An epic and expansive opening dawns like a call for self-reflection. If "consensus" comes from the Latin consentire, meaning to feel or perceive together, "Sensus" removes the "together"—what are you feeling or perceiving? It's fitting that the track fades into contemplative silence to end.

A meditative journey inwards follows. "Shanti" balances the tranquility of a peaceful shore against the tumult of a stormy sea. From energetic chaos to expansive peace, the track mirrors the internal struggle for serenity amidst chaos.

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"Liquid Line" concludes the EP. It fuses Eastern and Western musical influences with a rock vibe while choral "ahs" and a spoken-word recording guide offer reflections of perspective.

A Matter of Perspective is a cinematic and cerebral experience asking for reflection, connection, and immersion. With over 15 guest artists providing their musical, photographic, and design talent, it's clear how those three came together for Atelic.

Stream A Matter of Perspective below and see what you take from this journey.

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