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Evan Mix - Glare Cursed

Evan Mix's Glare Cursed is a narrative vessel. It charts a course through the ebbs and flows of storytelling with a spoken-singing style. At the forefront of this odyssey stands the track "Where Should I Ask?", which infuses the mundane query of social interaction with a deeper quest for connection, rhythmically unfolding amid funky beats and theatrical flair.

This track, rich with minimalist electronica undertones, repeats its chorus like a mantra, encapsulating the peculiar dance of new lovers navigating the uncertainty of burgeoning romance. Its musical theater-like quality, marked by hyper-clear vocals and catchy instrumental hooks, casts a spotlight on the story's protagonists as they wade through the waters of expectation and surprise. The spoken bridge, almost like an aside in a play, grounds the song in relatable human experience, adding depth to the catchy hooks that anchor the track.

Elsewhere on the album, "The Descending of Remains" sets a moody tone with its syncopated, tribal drums, inviting listeners into the world Evan Mix has conjured. "Alyosha Left" and "Jerk and Jerk" carry this ethos forward, the former with a funky bass line that hints at a narrative of loss, the latter with heavy distortion that commands a bodily response to the pulsating music. With the repetition of "jerk and jerk and jerk and jerk and…," you can feel the blurring of motion through his pitched vocals.

The titular track "Glare Cursed", with its glitchy, drum-focused opening and quasi-modal melodies, and the Scandinavian vocal vibes of "Mooshee Ooshees," both build a soundscape that's as varied as it is precise in its storytelling mission. But the real sonic landscape is built from the sharp and jagged musical strata that open "I Think About Her Everyday". "Is she someone's mother now? How would you ever know?" they ask. The past lover's memory is raw and incomplete, mirroring the harmony.

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Each song commits to the bending and weaving of the vocals to tell a rich and nuanced story. Glare Cursed stands as a testament to Evan Mix's narrative-driven approach, blending with other genres where needed to highlight and emphasize story beats. It's not formulaic pop but a mash of moment brimming with theatricality—sometimes disjointed, sometimes clashing, but always with a purpose. Whether their heart's caught in their throat or worn on their sleeve, it comes across in every note and every syllable.

Stream Glare Cursed below.

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