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The Flashpot Moments-Bombastic Fantastic

Bombastic Fantastic isn't an album title, it's The Flashpot Moments' mission statement. After a string of bad breaks, Boston-based Tim Cawley took the darkness and doubt that had crept in and transformed it into eight tracks that dance the tightrope of creative uncertainty. Filled with the liberating power of bombastic, anthemic melodies, each song tethers Cawley's struggle with his faith in himself to an equally deep narrative.

Kicking off the album is "The Optimist", a paradoxical blend of cynicism and hope. Catchy guitar riffs underpin lyrics rife with self-doubt. "I'll play the optimist. Curious to know, are you buying it?" It's a powerful opener that sets the tone for more grappling with a world that seems stacked against you.

"Reclamation" is more about reclaiming your spirit from the desperate themes floating through this album. When asked about the life-affirming melodies carrying these desperate thoughts, Cawley says we should "exorcise those demons with gusto."

But there are risks and rewards to weigh when opportunities arise from exorcising demons. "Feelgood Hit Of The Winter" spells out the indecision that can create. "Came this close to talking myself out of it," confesses the singer over a static guitar pedal point. But when that note resolves, it carries the even heavier symbolism of bold action.

"Go Figure" is a bit more intimate with acoustic strums and a vocal duet. It pairs paranoia with perseverance. "It's not paranoia if they're out to get you," the wry suggestion jest.

And that almost defiant tone continues in "With Purpose". It celebrates risks by heroicizing someone defying conventions for a clear reason. "I know for certain that girl of mine, she defied the rules with purpose."

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There's hope in "With Purpose" just as in "A Phantom Taste". "The whispers start. They sound like snakes to her," yet her dream remains vivid and worth the pursuit. 

"2:58" is nothing but pursuit in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the track's exact runtime. The singer tries to woe a woman but feels like he's outclassed by someone else chatting her up. It's a musical outpouring of the raw emotions of hope and desperation.

But the essence of Bombastic Fantastic feels perfectly summarized in "Phull Spector". Wrapping up the album, Cawley wrestles with his impulses. Will they lead to madness or mastery? "I suppose it wouldn't kill me to stop killing myself," he muses. The album's thematic struggle with self-doubt and creative authenticity is succinctly stated.

The album's high-energy tracks wrestle with the lows of personal doubt before soaring with moments of triumph. The Flashpot Moments explores a creative mind confronting its darkest thoughts and deciding not to succumb. 

So don't doubt your path, and stream Bombastic Fantastic below.

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