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Charley Ramsay-Dirt Floor Camelot

Charley Ramsay‘s music doesn’t stay put. It bounces between genres while you bounce along with it. And after this long hiatus, it’s finally bouncing again with Dirt Floor Camelot.

The album distills the human experience into catchy melodies and insightful lyrics. Each track dives into the richness and nuance of life by situating it in the middle of broader societal themes.

“You Bide Your Time” is a gentle, rolling country rock anthem encapsulating Ramsay’s signature storytelling. It begs for our patience while we slowly, often painfully, heal and let go. There’s a quiet strength in biding one’s time, in waiting for the storm to pass. Let the rocking beat comfort, let the world cherish those fleeting moments of joy and connection, let every one seek the “forgiveness and healing from cradle to grave” that everyone man, woman, and child needs. It’s no wonder this is Ramsay’s favorite track on the album.

A crowd favorite, “Helicopters & Horses” confronts the absurdity war has become. Blending gritty realism and hopeful idealism, it mashes the harsh realities of conflict into the simple, profound truths of home and family. It’s a call for unity and tolerance, underscored by a refrain both sides of the political aisle can agree on, “I believe in country.” So, let’s “get on the same page,” as he sings at the very beginning, and find the common ground that exists even in times of division.

Continuing the theme of unity is the supportive track “Peace, Salam, Shalom”. Supportive in the sense that it speaks directly to someone fighting the good fight. “You’re in it now, but know you’re not alone.” Language, culture, belief—none of these are barriers unless we let them be. Elegant and haunting strings underscore the reflective space Ramsay built. The song’s title—meaning “peace” in English, Arabic, and Hebrew—is a powerful symbol highlighting the seemingly insurmountable gaps in peace around the world but especially between Gaza and Israel today.

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Not a single track on Charley Ramsay’s Dirt Floor Camelot shies away from harsh reality. But they’ve found a way to make the truth less bitter. That hopeful sweetness isn’t a false saccharin sense of perfection but a lens to see how individual lives can play a role in building the future. It’s a soundtrack for reflection and resilience. 

Stream Dirt Floor Camelot below.

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