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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Ben Labat-Doin' Life

Doin' Life centers on the tenacity of the human spirit in an indie Americana soundscape. Every track is a heartfelt tale of the twists and turns life takes.

"Telescoping Dreams" sets the stage with soft whispers of aspiration, beckoning listeners to follow into whatever the future holds. "We don't know where we're going because we don't know how far to go," they sing. Ben Labat brings hopefulness to the unknown.

Grounding itself more in their Americana roots, "Warhorses in Starlight" brings soft rock crooning over a broken-down and sparse beat. With every strum, you can feel the struggle the song embodies.

The EP's namesake track, "Doin' Life," brings a harmonica-infused rock vitality, turning a love ballad into a vivacious anthem for companionship and shared existence. Moreso than any other track on this album, "Doin' Life" highlights magical moments in the instrumentation. When the lyrics vamp "Doin' that thing," you can hear the dexterity behind each lick.

While the other tracks feel more balanced between instrumental and vocal flare, "Just Trying to Survive" leans heavily into the candid narrative. Sometimes they cram lyrics into a bar like fruit in a blender; other times they stretch out each word weighting it down like the only ingredient in a dish. But in the end, it's balanced into a beautiful story.

Several other tracks on Doin' Life also take the softer vocals and clever lyrics approach. "When the World Runs Out of Tomorrows", "My Whole World", "My Look-A-Like", "Hanging Out with Daylights", and "Empty Pages" all have a unique take on this combination, often asking us to be more reflective than projective. They all contain elements of what is changing around us, and how that changes us too.

But where Ben Labat and his band really shine is when they let loose. Tracks like "Rocket Heart" drip with a charismatic gung-ho attitude. "If I'm going down, I'm going down in flames. Me and my rocket heart, we ain't never had a plan B."

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But letting loose doesn't always mean high intensity. "Digging Holes" channels the legends of Americana with a lightly graveled voice and subtle virtuosic runs. Every instrument gets its moment to shine without detracting from the whole. 

Concluding this sonic tour is "A Pocket Full of Stars". In an album of varied inspirations, this track doesn't disappoint. With eerie timbre changes and a blend of genres, it's a magical way to end their fifth self-produced studio album.

Doin' Life is a testament to Labat's growth. And the growing's not done. With a treasure trove of 100 more unreleased songs awaiting their time, Ben Labat's saga of sound and soul is just beginning to unfold.

Stream Doin' Life below.

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