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Michael Joseph Green - PULP

Michael Joseph Green recommends playing PULP loud. It's hard not to. Each track stirs the soul and begs to be blasted. Merging '80s-inspired pop and rock with alt-rock nuances, themes from apocalyptic visions to the personal struggles of love and purpose crash out of speakers and headphones.

The album opens with "NUCLEAR STAR", a track immediately kicking off with a high-energy arena rock vibe and soaring synth melodies. The song's skipped record start and bouncing beat catapult the listener into MJG's cosmic narrative.

Following that explosive opener, "LAUGH HOTEL" delves into darker territories with its ironic title juxtaposed against lyrics that explore themes of despair and insanity. The discordant harmonies between guitar and piano cleverly illustrate the psychological dissonance underlying the track's narrative. As the chorus repeats, there's plenty of "Lying and crying in the Laugh Hotel."

"SIX UNDERGROUND" offers a change of pace with its slower, funky groove. Lyrics heavy with the weight of denial hit hard. "Everybody knows you can't take it with you. Everybody knows you can't take it home. So all that matters to you will fade away in time, you know. Addictions overcome you, but you wanna bury all of it underground."

"AGENT ORANGE" proves heavy doesn't have to mean slow. Starting with Robert Oppenheimer's famous line about the nuclear tests, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds," the track paints a grim picture of apocalyptic inevitability with a funky beat beneath it. Bob along to the harsh truths of humanity's self-destructive tendencies.

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"MOONDUST" and "FINAL STAND" have similar vibes—heavy material delivered in catchy grooves. "MOONDUST" combines an ethereal rock aesthetic with emotional guitar solos to evoke the pain and hope of escaping painful memories. "FINAL STAND" cuts together pessimistic real talk with a dash of antagonistic hope. Everyone may be "getting used to the new world order," but "even now, you can give them hell."

Michael Joseph Green dives deep with PULP. Vivid moments of humanity sparkle among soaring themes, rich instrumentation, and pop-flavored earworms. Their retro influences and modern sensibilities pour out in every beat. It's at once timeless and urgently contemporary, filled with bangers and philosophical musings. So sit back and reflect on our place in the universe, the nature of our passions, and the shadows we all must face. Just be sure to play it loud.

Stream PULP below.

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