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Sleepy Orange are a band with one goal in mind: to make music that everyone can groove to. And it sounds like they've succeeded with their latest single.

Set to officially release tomorrow, October 31, "Twsg" (short for "The way she goes") is a warm, low-key, sunny indie pop track that's sure to turn heads and tap feet. Having released a handful of well-received singles since their conception only a couple years ago, Sleepy Orange have since polished their sound into a masterful blend of deep grooves and colorful melodies.

Combining elements of pop and jazz, their new single creates a lush backdrop of chill beats, soothing melodies, and mellow blues chords. The lead vocalist's poetic lyrics come out like a content sigh after a long day.

The track eventually builds into something more electric and vibrant in the second half as added instrumental voices chime in and build upon the tune's musical hooks. Eventually, a synthesizer meltdown in the bridge morphs into an ethereal, warm outro of layered vocals in perfect harmony.

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Easy listening done right, the easygoing melodies and downright catchiness of "Twsg" will surely be the perfect way to take a load off this Halloween.

Listen to the teaser below and pre-save the single now.


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