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Pre-save Cardboard Club's upcoming concept EP Hemlock, preview finale track "Sun Bleached Topaz"

Their newest project promises to elevate the band to a new level of ambition.

American indie band Cardboard Club are set to release their first concept EP. The record, titled Hemlock, drops the 9th of October.

Since Cardboard Club's conception in 2016, the Utah-based indie pop group has released a steady stream of singles and EPs. However, their newest project promises to elevate the band to a new level of ambition.

The upcoming EP will be a story-based concept work about two people who find each other in the aftermath of an unthinkable decision. Reportedly, Cardboard Club's signature musical variety style will be featured on the EP, combining elements of surf, dance, synthwave, and chip tune.

The forthcoming lead single, finale track "Sun Bleached Topaz", features all these elements and more in a sunny, sparkly surf pop blend. The track, which samples Panthurr's "I Love U, Pt. 2", is packed front to back with catchy melodies, bright hooks, and a dynamic variety of instrumentation.

"We started working on this song in 2018 after we released our last EP," says Taylor Terrill, guitarist and producer for the band. "I remember playing an extremely early version of the beat for Cris and Capp on the beach at a lake in St. George. Cris and I were really into the whole 'summer vibes' style of music at the time."

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Embodying a DIY style and ethos, the members of Cardboard Club recorded the entirety of the EP in a walk-in closet, making their musical range all the more impressive.

"Cris wrote all new lyrics to suit the story he was trying to tell with the rest of Hemlock," Terrill reveals. "I added some synths and new sections to punch it up a bit and bring it in line. The end result is something that we're really happy with and I think is a lot of fun."

Carboard Club are Christian Banner, Taylor Terrill, Ricky Casanova, and Capp Nicoll.

Pre-save Hemlock today. Listen to a 22-second preview of "Sun Bleached Topaz" below.


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