Luna Blue drop new groovy sunburst jam “Dance With Your Heart”

“This for sure is the most ‘pop’ we’ve gone with any of our records, which is nice as it always seems to go down a treat live!”

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Luna Blue, Brighton’s reigning alt-indie pop champs, today drop their latest perky, bouncy feel-good anthem called “Dance With Your Heart”. Picked by both BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey as their Track of the Day earlier this month, the new number from the four-piece is a foot-tapping summer bomb even non-dancers will find themselves grooving to.

The June 2020 UNXIGNED Artist of the Month awardees have been heating it up all summer long: from playing countless lockdown gigs and sharing online festival stages alongside Lauren Hibberd, Red Rum Club, and APRE, to name a star-studded few, to enjoying continuous support from BBC Introducing and Spotify Discover Weekly. And, as if these aren’t more than enough for an accolade spree, Luna Blue just last July surpassed 100,000 all-time streams on Spotify too.

L–R: Tom High, Ryan Wellman, Seb Bowen, Nick Davie

We had a little chat with all four Luna Blue members last night to talk about their newest little banger. Tom, Ryan, Nick, and Seb, who are currently in a long-distance musical relationship, shared some really interesting insights into the making of “Dance With Your Heart”, their future plans, and Nick’s well-supported claim of being the band’s topnotch dancer.

Luna Blue’s sound is characterized by funky radio-pop hooks that, since the foursome’s inception, have been central to their self-made dancy motif. When asked how the band came up with the idea of “Dance With Your Heart”, lead singer Tom High explained that it all just started from his small bedroom studio in Lewes. “I remember Ryan and myself initially witting this song in my studio and we were listening to a lot of Sigala, Foals, and David Bowie that month.” High, whose vocal pose is reminiscent of Christo Bowman’s (Bad Suns), explodes in the single with his sunlit falsettos and alt-rock affect. “This for sure is the most ‘pop’ we’ve gone with any of our records, which is nice as it always seems to go down a treat live!” he said proudly of the track.

Guitarist Ryan Wellman in particular greatly missed playing live. Speaking on his favorite section of the song, he claimed: “My favorite part is deffo when the chorus comes in for the first time. It really makes you want to groove, and get into the tune. Huge amount of fun when playing live!” Luna Blue are known for their powerful, addictive live performances, so Wellman associating the release with his pre-pandemic gig memories almost came as no surprise.

As dancy as its title implies, of course we expect “Dance With Your Heart” to be a reflection of the boys’ friendly, outgoing personas. As such, we threw bassist Nick Davie some serious, high-priority question he did answer—and our jaws dropped afterwards. Does he consider himself a good dancer apart from being a musician? Watch his answer, an UNXIGNED special:

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“I consider myself the best dancer in Luna Blue!” Davie contended. “My signature moves of ‘The Jellyfish Octopus’, the ‘Sudden Backward Slide’ and the ‘Make-a-complete-tit-of-yourself’ always turn heads without fail. YOU should see them!”

Well, we thought we asked the right guy.

On a lighter note, Luna Blue’s star dancer arranged this lockdown orchestra version of their song “Away With You”:

So what’s next for Luna Blue? Drummer Seb Bowen expressed his thoughts on the clique’s year-end activities, 2021 plans, and artistic directions going forward. “We’ve got loads in the pipeline for this year and into 2021,” he said. “We’re in the midst of booking further dates for our tour around Easter next year, and we’ve just come out of the studio having recorded three brand new tracks.” According to them, the new tracks herald a return to their original indie rock-infused sound. Recorded with award-nominated producer Matt Parisi, the gems are expected to be out later this year. “Plus… we’re talking to lots of people about loads of Luna Blue projects and collabs, so watch this space.”

You think that’s all Seb said? He actually had this to add before we bid goodbye: “I’d also like to confirm that no, Nick cannot dance! It’s what I imagine passing 3,000 volts through a dying walrus might look like.”

Stream “Dance With Your Heart” below.


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