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UNXIGNED is a crowdsourced, genre-fluid music and artist discovery blog that aims to help independent artists be heard globally and to provide them with a unique press framework that grows their value, relevance, and fan base.

An idea born out of sheer love for the indie, UNXIGNED seeks to build an inclusive, close-knit community of artists and fans no matter the music scene they represent. UNXIGNED is a cause, a revolution, a movement, a culture.

UNXIGNED is proudly curated by musician and law student Juris Doctor Sam Corrazza (Fragile Søul, Infinite Cassette), who is a native of Samal Island in Davao Region. Though originally conceived in 2017, the project was put on the back burner until three years later when lockdowns came into effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic and paved the way for its relaunch.

Joined by Iowa-based music connoisseur Derek Tate in August that same year, together they remodeled UNXIGNED from the ground up, ultimately leading to the creation of a team of tastemakers who are passionate about championing cutting-edge indie music discovery and helping artists reach new heights through their own brand of music journalism.

The blog is currently spearheaded by Corrazza and its New York-based senior editor, Ben McCoy.

UNXIGNED is among Feedspot’s Top 50 Independent Music Blogs. In 2020 the blog debuted and peaked at No. 25 on their Top 40 list.

For Filipino acts

UNXIGNED encourages Filipino solo artists and bands to explore and embrace the seemingly unexplored pitching model in the Philippine indie music industry, that is, generating press from outlets who truly care and learning the best practices in breaking into the scene. UNXIGNED, the first blog and soon-to-be PR label of its kind in the Philippines, is designed to coexist with and give exemplary seasoned and up-and-coming Filipino indie outfits the attention they deserve and to supplement the country’s budding musical landscape.


UNXIGNED is all about the indie. As an independently run music and artist discovery blog, UNXIGNED’s core values are founded on the belief that music, being a universal language and an essential part of culture, must be celebrated no matter the scene an artist represents. It is our mission at UNXIGNED to help deserving indie artists—seasoned and new—be heard globally and to produce quality content for readers and listeners to enjoy.

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