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“Don’t Get Me Started” on all the little things that make me smile in Big Stuff’s new single May 28, 2021 by Ben McCoy Celebrate the burst of happiness you get from your significant other’s little idiosyncrasies.
Keaper - Come & Go Keaper – “Come & Go” May 21, 2021 by Ben McCoy Dreamlike and hopeful exploration of meaning in nihilism.
The Sadderdays The Sadderdays will keep you up with “Song for Insomnia” June 9, 2021 by Ben McCoy Atmospheric and pensive with a glimmer of hope hidden in the heavy lyrics.

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Coopertheband - 1952 Coopertheband – “1952” June 11, 2021 by Ben McCoy

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Coopertheband - 1952 Coopertheband – “1952” June 11, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Windser - Peach Fuzz Windser – “Peach Fuzz” June 8, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Dome Dwellers - When I Cave Dome Dwellers – “When I Cave” June 4, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Grady Strange - Karma's A Gun Grady Strange – “Karma’s A Gun” May 30, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Gumiho - Hey! You! Gumiho – “Hey! You!” May 25, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Dawn Chorus - Modern Being Dawn Chorus – “Modern Being” May 23, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Keaper - Come & Go Keaper – “Come & Go” May 21, 2021 by Ben McCoy
The Spins - Vibe Police The Spins – “Vibe Police” May 20, 2021 by Ben McCoy

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I am very happy with the blog entry that was written about me by the lovely folks at UNXIGNED. They got the essence of the song and really did a nice follow-up promotion on social media as well. And, they included me in multiple playlists and have been a joy to communicate with. Great-looking blog too!

Sean Boots

Mild Wild

"1952", the second track on @coopertheband's recently released Wilderness EP, tells the timeless tale of a hesitant heart wanting to dive into love but afraid to move too fast. It could easily be 1952 or 2052, those trembling thoughts don't change. It just sounds better now.
@novasoonmusic's clear and conspiratorial tone captures the ghost-story tone beautifully from the first notes. The dirty guitar rhythms, bouncing the song forward, sets the stage for this alt-country shuffle.
@the__sadderdays' addictively repetitive guitar and synth tracks perfectly mirror the pattern of attempted rest that has alluded us all at one point or another. Hayley Kempsell's soft, yet determined opening, "I haven’t really slept in days," feels painfully relatable.
Each encapsulated moment feels bright. The sampled "oohs" pop like light-filled bubbles, a tender falsetto emphatically conveys love, and even deeper lyrics like "I try to memorize what you were dreaming of" are built on a floating harmony that lifts it up. The warm harmonic kaleidoscope Windser (@jordantopf) presents is filled with the top-of-mind memories that would leave a smile on anyone.
"I shed my skin," they gently sing. It's scary, but just like a snake, they're becoming a stronger version of themselves.
That fear of fallout from failure worms its way into every musical element, from harmony and rhythm to instrumentation. Moving from danceable beats to descending overdriven parallel fifths to vibraphone playing on the backbeat, "When I Cave" by @domedwellers is a tour de force of technique and storytelling.
With an acoustic guitar bouncing between notes, almost like it can’t settle and is worriedly pacing, the opening notes establish the anxiety behind @romaniemusic's plea.
Even the gentle bass feels hesitant and introspective. As it moves from chord to chord, it keeps repeating the final note on each bar's last beat, like it doesn't want to resolve or move to the next note. It hangs on, asking "are you home or is this a rest?"
Ali McTavish, Mike Dubuque, and Scott Wolfram, collectively known as @lovecrumbsmusic, have returned after a decade-long hiatus with "Ellipses".

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