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Incendiary Sweet It’s getting hot with Incendiary Sweet’s “Physics & Chemistry” May 19, 2022 by Ben McCoy Nothing can stop good chemistry.
Nate Hadley addresses the pain of loss with “sunset over paris” April 23, 2022 by Hans Abila Keep one's memory alive with Nate Hadley's new song.
Alejandro Montoya – “Breathe Again” April 24, 2022 by Hans Abila Let Alejandro Montoya's debut ballad help you untighten that feeling in your chest.

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Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy

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Leon in the Wild – “Powerlines” May 18, 2022 by Hans Abila
SODAPOP – “Kevin’s Famous Chili” May 17, 2022 by Hans Abila
WEZ KING – “M.H” May 14, 2022 by Hans Abila
Wake the Sun – “King of the Road” May 13, 2022 by Hans Abila
Billingsley – “Long Shot” May 12, 2022 by Hans Abila
Cat Ryan - Rex Mundi Cat Ryan – “Rex Mundi” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Enemy Airship – “New Tanuki Suit” May 9, 2022 by Hans Abila

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UNXIGNED was very sweet to share my song on their many playlists. They provide ample coverage for approved tracks and they’re lovely people to communicate with. 100% recommend to all up-and-comers out there!

Di Ivories

I am very happy with the blog entry that was written about me by the lovely folks at UNXIGNED. They got the essence of the song and really did a nice follow-up promotion on social media as well. And, they included me in multiple playlists and have been a joy to communicate with. Great-looking blog too!

Sean Boots

Mild Wild

Energetic while at the same time calming, @leoninthewilderness' new single "Powerlines" is a song full of travel motifs that tells you to just go.
@sodapopsounds' new song off their Club Soda EP, "Kevin's Famous Chili", pays homage to the character and famous scene from The Office where Kevin is just trying to bring his officemates a big pot of his famous award-winning chili but spills it all over the floor.
Not all love lasts. And often, we know it's doomed from the start. But that doesn't keep us from relishing every second of it. @tillawonder brings "Doomed" love to the spotlight with this first single from their upcoming album.
@wezkingmusic's "M.H" is definitely one of these reminders that we absolutely need during these trying times. In a world where everyone is free to talk about things, yet so rarely respected for voicing their thoughts, a song like this is very timely.
A single lecture at UCLA on Versailles melded with @bellamarcyy's personal thoughts when she was expecting a call from her boyfriend. The startlingly simple metaphor offers such a deep comparison to the complexities of love.
A song about looking at the journey you've gone through, the paths you've taken in life, it's full of encouragement telling you that your life is going somewhere, that you're still in the center of it all somehow.
"Long Shot" by @billingsleyrocks has a pretty simple premise: it's a song about nutting up and getting the courage to make your move. Stylized as a sort of a love letter that tells of the narrator's desire to be with someone even it's a long shot.
"Rex Mundi" by @catryanband starts with running—the greyhound runs from the world while still feeling like the king of the world. Eventually, it takes a break and asks itself, "why did I keep running when the problem ain't me?"
It's virtually a trope that being a working musician is hard. @sarpasalpamusic shine a light on their struggles in their latest track, "Dreaming".


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