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FLASCH - better now FLASCH – “better now” October 1, 2021 by Ben McCoy A glow up anthem celebrating living your true life.
Michael Taylor - Round In The Chamber Michael Taylor – “Round in the Chamber” October 7, 2021 by Ben McCoy Sultry rock with nods of Americana will make you say, “Lord, have mercy.”
Chargr knows we all feel stuck sometimes in “Junk” October 9, 2021 by Ben McCoy A bright, detuned moment of serenity amidst the frustration.

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Colatura - The Met Colatura – “The Met” October 12, 2021 by Ben McCoy

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Cyrano - Afterburns Cyrano – “Afterburns” October 19, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Henry Chadwick - Mind's Eye Henry Chadwick – “Mind’s Eye” October 13, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Colatura - The Met Colatura – “The Met” October 12, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Slark Moan - Crystal Ball Slark Moan – “Crystal Ball” October 8, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Michael Taylor - Round In The Chamber Michael Taylor – “Round in the Chamber” October 7, 2021 by Ben McCoy
FLASCH - better now FLASCH – “better now” October 1, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Adi Sun - Twin Flame Adi Sun – “Twin Flame” September 30, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Nima – “Break Into You” September 29, 2021 by Ben McCoy
The Florets - Quiet Life The Florets – “Quiet Life” September 28, 2021 by Ben McCoy

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UNXIGNED was very sweet to share my song on their many playlists. They provide ample coverage for approved tracks and they’re lovely people to communicate with. 100% recommend to all up-and-comers out there!

Di Ivories

I am very happy with the blog entry that was written about me by the lovely folks at UNXIGNED. They got the essence of the song and really did a nice follow-up promotion on social media as well. And, they included me in multiple playlists and have been a joy to communicate with. Great-looking blog too!

Sean Boots

Mild Wild

"I don't think I'm who I think I am when I'm in it," @henry_chadwick_music reflects in the chorus of his latest single, "Mind's Eye". The jangly, psychedelic vibes bouncing under this series of "I statements" take you on a self-reflective journey.
The latest single by @pondhopperband, "Fall Apart", was birthed from a relationship with someone "who used to be in my life," as they described it. This particular person held a strong belief in astrology. And while pondhopper don't exactly adhere to those beliefs, they found it fun to think about.
"The Met" by @colatura is an introspective rocker, with drums dragging you from exhibit to exhibit, reflecting on how the romantic expectations society promises are completely unrealistic.
With a bright, open beginning quietly screaming both giddiness and anxiety, @tinykingdomsil set the stage for this dancey, emotional journey.
When life's more than we can handle, there are two ways to feel better—solution or distraction. @chargrband takes that breaking point and offers the distraction with their new single, "Junk".
Instead of dwelling in the darkness the pandemic has brought, @slarkmoan turned that frustration into "Crystal Ball", a search for acceptance of an unpredictable future and peace for paths not taken.
Paralyzed by a flirtatious stare, @michaeltaylorofficialmusic took that moment's magnetism and set it to song in his latest single, "Round in the Chamber".
@glennecho asks how much a life is worth in "How Much Blood". His quiet question floats over pensive guitar picking, unanswered. It's not for him to answer; it's for us.
Love is infectious, but that's sometimes an illness. The overly tethered lose themselves to emotional codependence. @adisunmusic's latest single, "Twin Flame", explores that spiritual duality of self and surrender.


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