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Dreaming Soda dazzle with their debut single “Caramel” June 11, 2022 by Hans Abila A song that's as perfect and tasty as its namesake.
ella ruby Long for a lover with ella ruby’s “last year” June 13, 2022 by Ben McCoy Dark and dreamy vocals paint a passionate picture over slippery strings.
Sano Hill assures you there’s beauty in “Starting Over” May 31, 2022 by Agatha Magsombol A friendly reminder from Sano Hill that it's okay to embrace new beginnings.

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Skinny Dippers – “Home” June 28, 2022 by Hans Abila

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Double Wish – “Spirit Away” June 29, 2022 by Hans Abila
Skinny Dippers – “Home” June 28, 2022 by Hans Abila
Rose Brokenshire – “Dreamer” June 27, 2022 by Hans Abila
APACALDA - SSR Apacalda – “SSR” June 26, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Lone Wild – “Icarus” June 25, 2022 by Hans Abila
London Plane - The Darker You London Plane – “The Darker You” June 23, 2022 by Ben McCoy
soFIA Lainovic – “Spring” June 22, 2022 by Hans Abila
George Dewhurst – “Little by Little” June 20, 2022 by Hans Abila
Saint Djuni – “Drifter” June 14, 2022 by Hans Abila

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UNXIGNED was very sweet to share my song on their many playlists. They provide ample coverage for approved tracks and they’re lovely people to communicate with. 100% recommend to all up-and-comers out there!

Di Ivories

I am very happy with the blog entry that was written about me by the lovely folks at UNXIGNED. They got the essence of the song and really did a nice follow-up promotion on social media as well. And, they included me in multiple playlists and have been a joy to communicate with. Great-looking blog too!

Sean Boots

Mild Wild

Next time you're thinking about being controlling or possessive over something out of fear of losing it, just admit to yourself that you probably will someday, somehow. But "Spirit Away" by @ddoublewish is at least gonna help alleviate that sense of loss.
"Home", Brooklyn-based band @skinnydippersband's newest release, is a love letter to the past we leave behind whenever the time comes. It's about all those decisions back then, big or small, and of course all the people who were with us during the entire time.
Channel your insecurities with @elliem_music's "Not Good Enough for You".
@rosebrokenshire's latest single, "Dreamer", is a dreamy track that will hold you between its arms and welcome you.
"Summertime" by @bregn_ recognizes the joys and feelings of people experiencing summer. But it also allows others to feel their summer blues and welcome kindness in our lives.
Now recovering from his battle with addiction, artist @yoshiflower commemorates Lil Peep with his rendition of the late rapper's song "Star Shopping". Although the melodic arrangement and the lyrics are the same, @yoshiflower approaches the tune in a much more different way.
Between Cassandra Angheluta's melancholic voice and the dark, claustrophobic corridors in the music video, @_apacalda plunges deep into a contradictory world. The almost bubbly percussion and verdant fields are a facade for the deeper sadness beneath the surface.
Roman Rivera's dog, Rhythm, suddenly passed away. Rivera translates that pain into chugging percussion, swirling guitars, and yearning vocals with @romanxaround's latest single, aptly named "Rhythm".
Digging deep into his memories of adolescence, @itslonewild frontman Ashkan Karimi juxtaposes his own life and ordeals with that of the boy from the Greek mythos.


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